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"He's eyes..."



Still at the beach party, SB && Nicki was really enjoying themselves. They was really in need of something like this, considering how busy they've been.
Nicki && SB had pretty much mingled with everyone, answering millions of question about their relationship, but they didn't mind. YMCMB was their family & they only had their best interest in mind.
Nicki && SB was now chatting it up with Drake. Well, Nicki was mostly just standing their watching the two boys laugh like morons at the simplest things.

SB and Drake was really close. SB was closer to Drake, than Drake was to Nicki. Which if the public found out they would be in complete shock.
Though Drake had many of verses dedicated to Nic, && confessed his love for her several times in the media, he always knew that her heart belonged to Safaree, and he respected that. So, behind the scenes Nicki && Drake barely talked. Sure they'll hold a conversation now and then, but they never went personal, nor did Drake push himself onto her.
While in the studio recording 'Make Me Proud,' Nicki was in the booth && Drake & SB sparked up a convo about basketball, && has been cool since then.

Nicki was now getting bored listening to these two fools laugh. She searched the beach for something else to do, when she realized she haven't spoke to The Love of her Life, Mack Maine.

The relationship the public thought her && Drake shared, she really had with Mack.
The constantly flirted with one another, always cracking jokes, and Nicki could talk to him about anything.

Nicki walked over to Wayne, still not spotting Mack.
"Wuddup, Barbie?" Wayne greeted Nic with his breathe full of weed & beer.
"Have you seen Mack, did he come?"
"Yeah, i just saw that nigga," Wayne roamed the beach with his eyes,
"There he go," he point to a beach chair very secluded from the party.
"Oh, okay. Thanks, Wayne." Nicki said walking toward the isolated chair.
She wondered why he was all alone. It wasn't like Mack to not enjoy a party.
Getting closer to the chair, Nicki notice two cases of beer, one completely empty & the other had a few full ones left.
"What the hell," Nicki thought. Mack wasn't a smoker or a drinker. He was one of those people who was constantly high off life. Nonetheless, Nicki approached his chair.
"Hey, Babe," Nicki said rubbing the back of Mack's head.
Mack looked up at her w/ this look in his eyes that scared the shit out of Nicki.
"Woah," Nicki mumbled, taking a few steps back.
Not only was his eyes blood shot red, but looking deep into them, it was like his soul became evil.
Mack noticed the change in Nicki's demeanor, so he faked a smile.
"Oh, sorry Nic. I didn't know who you were. What's Up?"
Nicki looked deeply into his eyes, && though he had a smile planted on his face, his eyes didn't change. But Nicki thought, 'Maybe its just the affects of all the alcohol,' && figured to let it slide.
"I just came over to say hi." Nic sat on the arm rest on his chair.
Mack stared at Nic's ass that rubbed against his forearm as she sat. He became even angrier. His breathing became heavy, && he balled his fist trying to control himself. He couldn't believe Nicki wasn't his.
"So Mack, what's up? You all secluded && shit, what's your deal, man." Nicki said with a giggle.
He could no longer fake a smile, so instead he picked up another beer && sipped.
"Nothing, Nic. I just wasn't feeling the party."
"Woah, Mack not party. Lord, let me go cause it's about to rain cats && dogs." Nicki was now watching the ocean waves, not making eye contact as she spoke, she was listening for his response but he never did.
Nicki turned around to see Mack staring at her, she giggled. "Awww, bew. What's wrong?" She moved from the armrest to his lap, "Is Mack Maine having girl problems?" she wrapped her arms around his neck.
Mack looked her dead in the eyes, "Yeah, something like that." taking another sip of beer.
Nicki knew something was seriously wrong now, she release arms from around his neck, "No, Mack what's really bugging you? You're worrying me."
He chuckled, "Im worrying you, ha. But you the one Fucking that weak ass nigga." he mumbled the last part.
Nicki heard every word he said, && was now completely confused. "What?! Mack, what the Fuck is your deal?" Nic was now off his lap, standing in front of this chair with her arms folded across her chest.
With all the alcohol he consumed, Mack could not longer hide his feelings.
He looked at Nic with the same darkness in his eyes as before, "You heard me, Nic. You Fucking that bitch ass nigga over there when you know i Love you. I would do any Fucking thing for you." he said with his voice raised.
Nic tryed studying his eyes, but couldn't read him. She couldn't predict his next move, && this scared the shit out of her.
"Mack, we are just friends. Only friends. How... when... What made you think we was even more than that?" Nicki was trying to remember a time where maybe she had gone to far with Mack to make him think this way, but she got nothing. She always thought they was on the same page.
"All the laughs we've shared, all the nights we just sat && talked, the times you cried when you needed someone.. What did you think, i do that with any bitch, huh Nicki?" He stood up & threw his beer bottle to the sand after asking his last question.
Mack was now only inches away from Nicki's face.
Nicki was scared for her life. This is not the same man she once poured her heart out to, not the same man she told her secrets to, she didn't know this man.
Starring into the stranger's eyes, "Im sorry," was all Nicki manage to whisper before she took off.
Nicki searched the party in hopes to find Safaree with no luck. She looked behind her to see the male figure still standing in his same position. She cleared the situation out of her mind, thinking "It was just the liquor talking, he'll be find in the morning."
All those wine coolers was catching up to her, so she made her way to the beach house. After relieving herself she washed her hands, && did a quick make up & hair check in the mirror, and exited the restroom of the beach house. As soon as she walked out the restroom, she heard the door of the main entarence door close && lock.
She figured it was Safaree trying to be freaking. "Faree..." she said seductively.
She walked into the main area of the house to find Mack standing against the door, with an evil smirked on his face.
"What do he do to you that i can't," he said walking closer to her as she walked backwards.
"Does he know your spot?"
"Does he kiss your lips," he said looking down at her vagina && licking his lips.
Nicki back was now against the wall, meaning Mack was now all in her face.
"Does he rub his fingers thought your hair like this," he took down Nicki's ponytail && yanked her hair.
"Does he kiss down your neck like this," he began placing wet kisses down Nicki body.
All Nicki could do was cry. She was never put into a situation like this, && didn't know how to react. She prayed for Safaree to come and save her.

Meanwhile, on the second floor of the beach house, SB & Drake was watching a recorded version of the NBA Finals.
"Aye, man you hear that?" Drake said. He heard the door close and lock.
"Hear what," SB was too into the game to had pay attention.
"Somebody came in && locked the door,"
"They probably using to restroom or sumthing," SB said not taking his eyes off the TV.
Drake thought, "but why would they lock the main door," he shruged it off && continued to watch the game.

Mack was now gliding his hands all over Nicki's body.
"Please, stop. Mack, please." Nicki said through tears.
Instead of listening to Nicki's commands, Mack entered his hands into Nicki's bottoms && stuck two finger in her center. Unlike the pleasure she gets when SB does that, she felt pain, hurt, && betrayal.
"Mack, why are you doing this to me?"

"Man, you don't hear that?"
"What you talking bout, Drake."
"I hear crying,"
"Nigga, watch the damn game."

Mack, stop what he was doing && look Nicki dead in her eyes.
"Im doing this because i love you, Nicki. Don't you love me, Nicki?" Mack attacked Nicki's lips. That's when she lost it. Her lips belonged to Safaree, && only him. She knew her lips meant to world to him, not only when they kissed, but the words that came out of them he listened to, && cherished.
"STOP!" Nicki pushed Mack as far as she could.
He chuckled && grabbed her waist, "I said get off me," Nicki smacked him ass hard as she could.
"You're gonna pay for that.."

The noise downstairs had finally caught Safaree's attention.
"Yo, what the hell is going on down there?" he asked.
"I told you man, I heard people."
"Whateva, its probably Wayne or sumbody trying to get their freak on."
Drake shruged.

Mack grabbed Nicki by the arms && pushed her against the wall.
"GET... OFF!!" Nicki kicked him as hard as she could && ran to the other side of the room. closest to the door.
"SAFAREEEE!!!" Nicki screamed though tears because Mack was making his way to her again.
"Safaree, please! AHHHHHHHHHH,"

"THAT'S NICKI!!" SB ran down the stairs to see Mack Maine man only a few steps away from Nicki with his hand raised.
Without thinking SB ran to him, punching him in his left eye, bringing him down to the floor.
SB was pounding on his face, he picked him up && threw him against the wall beating & kicking him.
Drake was comforting Nicki.
"Nic, what happened."
"He.... it wasn't.. his eyes.." Nicki couldn't get her thoughts together because she was witnessing Safaree nearing killing one of her closest friends.
SB was still going at him. He was beyond livid.
"FAREE, PLEASE! PLEASE, FAREE! PLEASE." Nicki said through tears.
SB stopped hurting him, && went running to Nicki.
"Nicki, did he hurt you?"
Nicki didn't know how to answer the question. Sure the man on the floor, barely breathing assulted her, but she didn't believe that man was Mack Maine. That was a stranger trapped in his body.
"NICKI, DID HE HURT YOU!?" Nicki looked into Safaree eyes with tears && confusion.
Drake had called everyone in, the team dragged Mack out, && Nicki was stuck in a daze.
SB was calling her name repeatedly, but she was gone.
"Lemme see if i can help," Wayne said to SB.
Defeated, SB gave in. "Good Luck," he walked out onto the beach.
"The look in his eyes, it wasn't him Wayne. It wasn't him.." Nicki began to cry again.
"What do you mean, Nic? What did he do?"
"He went on and on about his love for me, but his eyes they were dark, lifeless. && then he tried to rape me.."
"Barbie the cops are on their way, you have to file a report. I know how you feel about him but he needs help. To be honest, the nigga been drinking all night. He finished a full case before y'all even got here. Your relationship w/ SB pushed him over the edge, i guess. But don't worry, Barbie. Everything is gonna be alright."
"Thanks, Wayne. Can you call me SB, please."
"Sure thing, stay strong okay?!"
Nicki nodded her head, && smirked.
SB walked over to her && she collapsed in his arms.
"Im sorry, Nicki. Im sorry i didn't come sooner.."
Nicki cut him off, "Lets go home."
Nicki left her statement w/ the cop, && the drove home.

The car ride home was silent. Nicki was trapped in her thoughts, && Safaree was full a rage.
The entered their home && went their separate ways.

Nicki went into her room, && flopped down on her bed.
She was no longer angry, still a little hurt, more than anything confused.
She went && took a hot shower, clearing her brain from all that happened that night.
When she got out && dressed, she figured she'll go find Safaree & attempt to put his mind at ease.
She walked into his room to see a dark figure sitting on the balcony in a cloud of smoke.
She sighed && walked out into the balcony.
She knew SB only smoked unless, he was REALLY stressed, and his mind was going a mile a minute.

She closed the door behind her, && just stood there.
SB was sitting in a chair taking in the view of the night sky, inhaling the smoke the kush.
"Come here," SB said through his deep voice, exhaling a drag.
Nicki walked to his seat && stood in front of him.
"Im sorry, Faree," she said with a few tears streaming down.
She felt so guilty that she made him feel the need to smoke after he haven't in years. She knew all he wanted to hear was what happened, but she just couldn't find the words to explain it to him, not right now anyway.
He put the blunt down, "Nicki, you have nothing to be sorry about. Im sorry i let that asshole get to you. I was right up stairs. Drake kept telling me..." He was raising his voice && felt his self his angrier.
SB refused to look at her. He picked up the blunt && took another drag, & blew it out.
"How far did he go, Nicki" He asked w/ his eyes on the skyline.
"Faree, please not now." she pleaded.
"Nicki.." he looked her w/ his blood shot red eyes.
"He.... he put his fingers in me," a tear streamed down her face.
"And he kissed me," she turned && faced the view, putting her back to him.
SB knew she wasn't ready to tell him everything, so he let it go. He wasn't going to pressure her after the night she just had.
He got up, put his arms around her waist && kissed her neck.
"Im sorry, Nicki." he moaned.
She sniffled && turned to face him. They shared a long, tight hug. The released each other.
Safaree went && sat back down, "Nicki, go inside. I know you don't like the smoke."
Nicki walked up to him, && straddled his lap.
"Gemme some," she said seductively.
Safaree looked at her confused, turned his head & exhaled the smoke that was in his mouth.
"Nic, go inside." he said.
She reached for the blunt, Safaree quickly pulled his hand away.
"Don't you dare."
"Then give me some," she said looking deep in his eyes.
SB wouldn't dare let her lips touch it, so he took in a long drag. Nic opened  her mouth, && SB blew the smoke in, she inhaled as the smoke filled her nostrils.
After she had took in all the smoke, she attacked his lips.
She pulled away, "More..."
Safaree gave Nicki charges after charges, and after each one she removed more && more of her's and his clothing.
The blunt was now a mere roach, && Safaree & Nicki was now completely naked.
Nicki, way more faded than SB, & was becoming moist by SB's touch on her bare skin.
She began grinding her pussy on his hard rob, moaning uncontrollably.
Safaree was sucking, biting, and nibbling all over Nicki's body, not helping the fact that Nicki was ready to come at any moment.
With the cloudiness of her thoughts, && Safaree's touch, Nicki couldn't control her body cravings && she was yearning for the dick.
"Faree, i need him," she said looking deep in her eyes.
Safaree felt bad that Nicki thought him pleasing her would make everything go away, but he also knew he they had gone to far to just stop on her now, he couldn't do that to her.
SB stood up, carrying Nic w/ her legs rapped around his waist && her arms around his neck.
He carried her to the room, sat her on the bed && massaged her body, slow & gently, sending sparks throughout Nicki's body. He bagan pleasing her the best way he knew how, slow && steady, what she needed. Nicki layed there, letting SB take control.
It wasn't long before she came all over him, && he wasn't far behind her.
After they had finished the feelings that filled the room was not like any that they had shared before. It wasn't the typical glee, fulfillment, and satisfaction. Instead the room was filled w/ gloom, emptiness, and silence.
Safaree peck her lips, got up from the bed and began walking to the shower.
Nicki crawled up to the top of the bed, & buried herself in the covers.
"I Love you, Safaree."
SB stopped in his tracks, && turned to look at her.
They locked eyes for two of the longest minutes before SB made his way to the bathroom...


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Thursday, June 7, 2012


P.S. forgive any typos. Not proofed! 

Some weeks had passed && Nic & SB had been busier than ever. With hours spent in the studio, back to back shows, && millions of interviews, both Nicki && SB was exhausted by the end of the day.

Nicki & SB had made it home from another long day of work, && was resting in bed, drifting off to sleep. 
"Babe, what do we have planned for tomorrow?" Nicki said w/ her eyes closed, resting in Safaree arms.
"Umm, nuthing really. Wayne && everybody in YMCMB having a party at the beach tomorrow night. But other than that, we have nuthing planned."
"Ohhhh... you wanna go?"
"Go where?" SB asked still half sleep.
"To the beach party, doof!"
"Oh, baby its up to you. You know im down for whateva, its nuffin." SB said releasing Nicki out his arms && turning over on his other side, trying to get Nicki to end the conversation so that he could get some sleep.
Nicki sighed, she knew SB was tired but she wasn't done talking. "Goodnight, ass" she whispered to a snoring SB.
Nicki turned on her side to where her && SB was back to back.
Instead of sleeping, Nicki was up thinking about all that had happened the passed few weeks. She was truly blessed. She silently said a lil prayer thanking God for all he has done. After she said "Amen," Nicki realized that she && SB has been so busy lately that nobody knew about their relationship. She began to worry.
She shook Safaree awake.
"Huh," SB turned over && out of instinct wrapped his arms around Nicki.
"Faree, no one knows about us."
"Safaree, wake up && listen to me." Nicki reach over him && turned on the lamp that was sitting on his nightstand. 
SB sat his self up leaning against the head board, "I am listening Nic. No one knows, okay. We'll tell them tomorrow at the party." Safaree said with sleep in his voice.
"Tomorrow," Nicki thought.. 
SB looked over at Nicki, && knew she was stressing. He was not about the listen to her go on and on about the, 'What if's."
"Nic, look if you don't wanna tell them thats fine. Lets just act like our normal cute selfs, && they'll get the hint if they don't oh well.. can I go back to sleep now?" SB said pulling Nicki back down under the covers.
"Okay, faree." she said reaching over to turn the lamp back off. She pecked his lips && thought over what he just said.
"Just let it happen.. not everything in life have to be planned, right?" she thought before drifting off into a DEEP, needed sleep.

It was the next morning.... well afternoon to be exact. Nicki && SB had slept in until 2o'clock.
SB opened his eyes, stretched && turned to caress Nicki. He pulled her into a hug, not realizing his penis was fully erect.
"Faree, move. You're poking me." she whined.
SB smirked && got out of bed to relieve himself. He figured he'd go ahead && shower while he was already half naked. But he wanted some company...
SB took the rest of his clothes off, && went back into the bed room. He walked to the bed && picked Nicki up wedding style.
"Safaree, put me down." Nicki said angrily cause she rudely interrupted her rest.
SB put her down, "Come shower w/ me," he said w/ a smirk on his face.
Nicki examined SB fully naked body from head to toe.
"and if i don't want too," Nicki said seductively.
SB didn't answer, he merely walked back into the bathroom leaving the door open for Nicki to join him.
SB hopped into the shower, && began singing....
"Lets take a shower, shower togetherrrrr. I'll wash your body, && you'll wash mine. Yeah." (this a old school classic for those of you who don't know, "Turn off the lights" by Teddy Pendergrass. Them old folks was some freaks!)
Nicki was cracking up at Safaree's horrible singing. But she thought he was cute, so she ran to another restroom to pee, cuz of that whole the water turn cold if ya flush the toilet if someone is showering thing, plus she didn't want SB to see her pee. She ran back to the room, stripping in the process. When she reached the bathroom door, she was completely naked.
"Faree, come get me." she said innocently. 
Safaree walked out of the shower dripping wet, causing Nicki to get lost in her thoughts. 
The presence of her naked body had Safaree on a mission.
He made his way to Nicki, && closed the door so that the bathroom would get steamy from the hot shower.
He pinned Nicki up against the wall, && began kissing her neck. Nicki massaged his moist back, while taking in his masculine scent. 
Safaree lifted her up so that she could wrap her legs around her waist.
Nicki was releasing uncontrollable moans, && SB was ready for her.
SB placed two fingers in her center to make sure she was ready too, she was. But he wanted her completely wet. 
Safaree carried her to the shower, with her legs still rapped around his waist && her head tucked into his neck.
He pinned her to the back shower wall, && he slid down to her vagina. 
Allowing the flow of the shower water to rain on his head, Safaree took Nicki's clit into his mouth && went to town.
"Mmmmm," he moaned. With the shower water dipping on his face && Nicki juices drowning his mouth, SB was having the time of his life.
Fareeeeeeeeee," she moaned releasing her juices in his mouth.
"Faree, give him to meeee." Nicki whined. 
Safaree stood back up, picking up Nicki's legs so that they were wrapped around his waist, && plunged his dick inside her.
Nicki grabbed hold to his neck, gasping for air.
SB, now leaning against the back shower wall, grabbed Nicki ass in his hands && began thrusting her on his rob. 
Nicki, lost for words, threw her head back letting her hair && face get soaked by the shower water.
"Mmmmm, baby you're beautiful." Safaree said biting his bottom lip.
Nicki looked him in dead in his eyes, with water running down her face, she literally couldn't speak. The things Safaree was doing to her was beyond words.
"ahhhhhh, Faree!!" she screamed. She was on the verge on cumming, && so was Safaree.
"Give it me to, Nic."
She tightened her grip around his waist && began bouncing on his dick. She threw her hands up, && let the water slide down her body.
"Ahhhhh, Mmmmmmm.... Jesus!"
They both came together. 
After bathing each other, they got out the shower && dried off.
Nicki went to one side of the bed, && SB went to the other to lotion their bodies. 
"Babe, you hungry?" Nicki said putting lotion on her hands cuz she was done.
"Yeah, you feel like cooking or you wanna go out?"
"I'll cook," Nicki said walking over to his side still naked. She pecked his lips, && left the room.
SB sprayed himself w/ sum cologne && decided if she wasn't putting clothes on he wasn't either.
SB walked down the stairs to Nicki cooking scrambled eggs, bacon, && french toast. 
"Need help?" SB asked. Nicki looked back to see a naked Safaree, she smirked & continue to cook. 
"Can you put some music on, babe."
SB turned on the Ipod dock, && a Beenie Man song was playing.
He, being the coon he is, began yelling the song word for word.
Nicki merely giggled. She couldn't believe she was ass naked in a kitchen, making breakfast for the love of her life. 
She never in life felt this comfortable around anyone, he made her feel flawless!
"Food ready, babe."
SB turned the music down, && joined Nicki at the dinning table.
"So what time is Wayne's party?" Nicki asked w/ bacon in her mouth.
"Ion know. Something late tonight. I'll call him up for the details." 
"K," Nicki said as they continued to eat.

After they filled their tummies, Nicki && SB went to the living room layed down on the couch. With Safaree on his back, Nicki rested on top of him, both still completely naked.

"Babe, you should call Wayne & ask him about the party." Nic said.
"K," Safarree got up & jogged up the stairs into their bedroom to get his phone, on his way back down he turned down the air since him && Nicki obviously wasn't putting any clothes on anytime soon.

He plopped back down on the couch, && Nicki got back in her position.
He dialed Wayne's number with Nic laying on top of him.
As the phone was ringing, Nicki decided she'll take full advantage of this.

"Hello," Wayne answered.
Nicki began lightly running the tips of her fingers down Safaree's bare chest.

"Wuddup, Wayne," Safaree tried pushing Nicki's hand away but she didn't budge.
"Nuthin much, SB. What's good?" Wayne asked.

Nicki began to place kisses down Safaree's body. She stopped at his V line, then came back up to nibble his ear.

"We was just wondering, umm... what time is the umm... party?" Safaree was trying his hardest to ignore Nicki but her lips always did something to him.

Nicki giggle at Safaree's struggle to concentrate on the phone call. She was having fun.
She reached her hand down to his manhood, while still nibble & sucking is earlobe, && grabbed his penis.

Safaree hopped up from the couch, && walked to the another side of the room.

"Y'all can come through weneva, it doesn't matter. The lil ones should be gone round 10, so come anytime after that."
"Okay, thanks Wayne." Safaree said ending the call in a rush.
After pressing the end button, Safaree looked up to Nicki && gave her a death glare.

She sat on the couch with one knee up, & the most innocent face she could pull.

"Oh, so you thought that was funny," SB said running to the couch.

"Ahhhhhhh," Nicki yelled giggling & running off the the sofa.
They chased each other around the house, with their body parts bouncing in the air.

SB soon caught up to Nicki, grabbed her by the waist, && pulled her closer to him.
Breathing sightly heavy, SB spoke in her neck.
"You thought you were cute, huh?"
Nicki giggled from his breathe tickling her spot.
"Oh, really," SB stuck three fingers into Nicki vagina && moved them in circular motions.
Nicki went weak in his arms, && her eyes rolled back.
"Sa, ahhhhh... Fa, Fa..." Nicki moaned.
"Oh." SB said taking his fingers out her center && jogging up the stairs.
"JERK!" Nicki yelled.
Safaree chuckled, "payback's a bitch he thought."

He was in the bedroom picking out something to where, it was 7o'clock pm. && they'll need to start getting ready soon.
"NICKI, YOU HEARD ME?" he asked because she didn't answer before.
"NICKI!" he yelled out thinking she was still downstairs."
"Where is she," he thought.
"Nic..." he turned out & nearly shit his pants seeing Nicki standing in the doorway.
"I heard you, doof." she said w/ her arms crossed. She was still ticked off that he teased her like that.
Safaree smirked at her angry.
"Awww, babe don't be mad." he said walking to her, && embracing her into a hug.
Nic, with her arms still crossed rejecting his hug, looked in his eyes & pouted.
"I love you," SB said w/ a smile, followed by a peck on the lips.
"Whatever, Safaree you play to much."
SB let her go & walked back into the closet.
He sighed at the sight of all the clothes. She began to hate them, walking round naked was growing on him.

"Babe, i don't wanna put clothes on." he said still searching his closet.
Nicki giggled, and she began to think.
"Safaree, only you could make me feel comfortable enough to where i can walk around the house completely naked for hours && still feel beautiful."
"Onika, you are beautiful. Inside & out. You're the best thing thats ever happened to me. Nobody's perfect, but your perfect for me."
Nicki smiled showing off those award winning dimples.
"Now what you wearing, we should match." SB suggested.
"Umm, lets go Super Bass style. I'll wear some jean booty shorts, & a wife beater, w/ my swimsuit underneath. & for you sir, she started speaking in her Martha accent, some jeans, a tee, & some white forces darling."
SB chuckled && kissed her lips.

SB got ready in about thirty minutes, but Nicki was taking forever.
He knew rushing her would do no good, so he thought he'll use her barbs for some entertainment.

@NICKIMINAJ Yo!" he tweeted from her account. Her TL went crazy.

RT: @LIVIN_4_ONIKA: @NICKIMINAJ Hey Nic, what you doing? < chillin, being a boss.

RT: @TeamMinajSavage : @NICKIMINAJ This ain't Nicki. This Safaree, wuddup coon! < #Luv

RT: @flymuthaphunker: @NICKIMINAJ Umm, SB where is Nicki & why are you on her page? < she's w/  ya muva && cuz im rich gang in these streets.

Safaree felt his phone vibrate.

@NICKIMINAJ: @SCAFFBEEZY Fuck off my page, play'boi. Lets go!

@NICKIMINAJ: Gali out! *salute*


They arrived at the party && greeted everyone.
Wayne made sure to point them in the direction of the liquor, && they took directions well.
After a few beers was in SB's system, & Nicki had one and a half bottles of wine cooler, y'all know she a light weight, SB && Nicki made their way to the dance area of the beach.

Nic & SB was bout doing a lil 2 step w/ their drinks in their hands.
"Who told you to talk to my Barbz, doof?!" Nic said sightly pushing him in the chest.
He smirked, pulled her closer & said "Well, you was taking forever.... You look beautiful, by the way."
They both were starring into each others eyes.
A slow jam came on & Nic put her arms around SB's neck && SB arms was wrapped tightly around her waist.
Not being able to resist each other's lips any longer, they had a full blown make out section on the floor.
Nicki quickly turned her head to see her entire team cheering them on.
That feeling warmed her heart. She hugged Safaree tighter, && gave them a show!
When the music picked back up is when she released SB's lips.
Not saying a word, SB & Nic linked their fingers together && enjoyed the rest of the party!


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How it's Suppose to be.

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Nicki woke from her nap, stratched && smiled. She was living the life she always dreamed. Her family was happy && healthy, her career was moving at full speed, && now she had the man she always wanted. Nothing could get her off the cloud she was on.
Still grining, Nicki wonder where here prince charming had gone to. She got out of bed, put her fuzzy socks on, && headed for the restroom. After releaving herself she went downstairs to the kitchen, but there was no Safaree, only the remains of his dirty dishes in the sink. She search the remainder of the lower half of the home with no luck of finding Safaree.
She went back upstairs && peeped her head in his room. She entered the room && crossed her arms over her chest at the sight of a resting SB.
"Why did he move in here to go to sleep?" she thought. Little things like these made Nicki's insercuties flood her thoughts. "Was he uncomfortable in the bed w/ me?" "Do i snore?" Was I too loud?" Nicki forced the thoughts out her her mind, && began leaving the room still feeling a little upset. As Nicki was grabbing the door knob, it was as if Safaree had read her mind && called her to him.
"Come here, beautiful." he said in the sexiest voice known to man.
Nicki walked to the bed w/ her head still bowed.
Safaree patted the spot he wanted to lay in, && she did as motioned.
"Whats wrong, baby?" Safaree said while light rubbing her inner thigh w/ his eyes closed. SB was drifting back off to sleep, they only reason he had woken up was because Nicki's scent filled his nose, letting him know she was in the room && he wanted her near him.
"Nothing, babe. Go back to sleep." Nicki said in a very low voice, confirming to SB that she was sad.
SB opened his eyes to see Nicki escaping the bed. He grabbed her wrist, && pulled her back into her stop. But this time he made her lay down under the covers as if they were gonna nap together.
SB lifted her chin, && pecked her lips.
Nicki smirked.
"What's wrong," SB said in a calm voice.
Nicki's face saddened again. "Why did you leave outta my bed, to come in here to nap. Was i making you uncomfortable?" Nicki said while never making eye contact w/ him.
SB chuckled, && pulled Nicki closer to him.
"Baby, at the time i wasn't tired so i went down stair to get something to eat..... oh by the way i ate that leftover spaghetti you were warming up."
Nicki gave him a death glare, && rolled her eyes even tho she knew this had happened.
He chuckled at her pretending to be mad. "by the time i was finish, you were still sleep, so i decided not to risk waking you up by getting in bed w/ you because i knew you needed your rest." SB concluded while brushing her cheek w/ his index finger.
Nicki took all this information in, && realized that SB did that to benefit her && she felt silly to think other wise.
Nicki looked him in the eyes, showing off one of her dimples.
"Even tho i REALLLLY wanted to spoon you," SB smirked.
Nicki giggled, && looked bashfully away.
Safaree kissed her forehead, then her cheek, then once she looked up at him, he kissed her lips.
This kiss was letting Nicki know that he would never leave her, that he was there to stay.
Nicki felt this && intensified the kiss. As their tongues wrestled, Nicki released a moan.
Nicki began to feel up his bare chest, && Safaree caressed her ass.
Without breaking the kiss, Nicki positioned  herself to were she was straddling Safaree. She slowly grinned her hips on pelvis, allowing him to get hard under her.
Safaree removed his && Nicki's underwear in a matter of seconds.
Finally breaking away from the kiss, Nicki looked down to SB.
They stared deeply into each other eyes. Safaree eyes were pleading w/ Nicki's for confirmation to continue.
Nicki read him like a book. She smirked, && wink letting him know not to worry, she was in charge tonight.
Nicki bent down, && softly kissed SB's lips. She moved down to his neck, pecking, sucking, nibbling his soft skin. She went lower to his chest where she trailed kissed all the way down, until she reach his lower half.
The touch of her lips was sending sparks although Safaree's body. Now fully erect, Safaree felt what Nicki was about to do next. He looked down to see her looking up at him. Nicki began to massage him, as her mouth watered. She pecked the tip of his dick, sending Safaree's eyes to the back of his head.
"Nic..." was all he managed to say before he lost the ability to speak.
Nicki had swallowed his dick whole. Her soft lips gliding up && down, accompanied by her hands along his long thick rod, Safaree legs bagan to shake.
Nicki was giving her all, && enjoying every minute of it. She was becoming wetter, && wetter with every second that passed.
Nicki began moaning sending vibrations to Safaree's dick.
SB couldn't take it anymore. He was about to Bust!!
"Ahhhhhh, Nic!!"
"Mmmmmmmmm!" Nic moaned, wanting every bit of him.
"NICCCC... KEEEEEEEYYY, AHHHHHHHH!!" Safaree was trying his very hardest to not cum in her mouth, but Nicki won't give up.
"Give it to me, Faree." Nicki begged.
Nicki licked from the base of his penis to the very tip, taking him in her mouth one last time before Safaree's cum was down her throat.
Heavy breathing filled the room.
Safaree picked Nicki up, && threw her in the spot he was just in.
He parted her legs, to find a dripping Nicki. He put two finger in her center && licked her clit w/ passion && speed.
Nicki arched her back, && rode his face while screaming to the Gods.
"Ahhhhhhhhh, Safaree!!" she said w/ her eyes rolled back.
"Mm," responded as to answer her, sending vibration to her clit.
"AHHHHHHHHH, Faree faster." Nicki was shaking uncontrollably, && grabbing hold to the bed sheets.
"Mmmhm," he said before he grabbed her ass, lifting her pussy closer to his face.
Nicki couldn't take it anymore. She came all over his mouth.
Safaree licked her cleaned, before making his way to her face to kissed her.
After another passionate kiss, Nicki pulled away && whispered in Safaree's ear, "I want you in me.."
Safaree smirked, && attacked Nicki's pussy.
They both took turns riding the other, trying to give one another the best satisfaction they could.
After cumming together they both laid in bed catching their breath.
Safaree had Nicki tightly in his arms. Her face was planted in his chest, w/ his chin rest on the top of her head.
"I Love you, Nicki." he said breaking the silence, && kissing her hair.
" I know thats what people usually say when their finish having sex, but we had more than sex, we made Love && i want you to know that i love you, i always have && i always will love you, Onika."
"I've always Loved you too, Safaree. I guess i was afraid, or i just didn't know how to love you.." she said before drifting fast asleep.
After hearing her say that, Lil Wayne's 'How to Love' popped into Safaree's head.
He sung the entire song while playing in a sleeping Nicki's hair..
".........See I just want you to know, that you deserve the best you’re beautiful. You’re beautiful, Yeah. And I want you to know, you’re FAR from the usual. Far from the usual!! You see you had a lot of crooks tryna steal your heart. Never really had luck, couldn’t never figure out how to love. How to love....."

Safaree drifted off to sleep, w/ the Love of his life still tightly in his arms.


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Whats wrong with me?

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Entering the kitchen w/ only a white cotton towel covering the lower half of his body, Safaree walked to the refrigerator where Nicki stood. Reaching over Nicki, Safaree grabbed a bottle of water, turned && grabbed an apple off their kitchen counter-top.
Nicki wanted to break down && cry at that very moment. She was happy that he didn't leave, but he might as well have if he was just going to ignore her.
Safaree took a bite out of the granny smith apple, && began to exit the kitchen.
Nicki closed the refrigerator && turned to face the back of Safaree.

"Safaree, please don't be like this..." she said w/ a tear down her cheek.

Safaree stopped, he stood there contemplating weather to continue to ignore her or respond. Before he could conclude his mental debate, Nicki continued.

"Im sorry, Safaree. I really, && truly am. I should have never lead you on that far when i knew i wasn't ready. It wasn't fair for you, && very selfish of me. I would do anything to take it back, but i cant..." Safaree cut her off.

"Take it back?," he chuckled && turned around to face her. "Nicki, the way last night ended was harsh & very painful, but that moment we shared was real. The look in your eyes when you kissed me, that fire that burned as our lips touched, the taste of your inner core... Take it back? Nah, i would never."

Safaree turned && began to walk away. He was LIVID. Sure, he was devastated that he couldn't complete the actions of last night, but in a way it gave him hope that one day he will get to fully have her. Well, that hope soon became an after thought once Nicki said she wished it never happened. The thing that hurt Safaree the most was the fact that Nicki regretted going that far with him. He began to question himself, "What's wrong with me? Why won't she give herself to me?"

"Safaree, i didn't mean it like that. I mean, like i wasn't ready, && i don't want it to be awkward  between us and, and..." She started to try justify her words, when Safaree cut her off, again.
"Why?", he asked starring at her.
"Why what, Safaree?" she braced herself, scared of what he was about to ask.
"Why did you kiss me? Why did you let me go down there? Why did you scream out my name? Why did you look into my eyes with such passion, && desire? Why did you stop me? Is it me? Whats wrong with me, Nicki? I love you, you know i do. So why won't you let me in? Why can't i be the one who holds yours heart. Damn, Onika !"

Nicki rapped her arms tight around herself as streams of tears ran down her face, but she never broke his stare.

"Because, Safaree.." she let out hard cries.
"Because what, Nicki? Because you scared? You don't wanna get hurt? Nicki, you know damn well i will never hurt you, or never leave you. I've been by your side through all of this! When you was just Onika rapping in class, && on staircases. When Fendi pick you up && you became "Nicki Minaj." When Wayne signed you, && increased you brand. I was there, Nicki. I would need ten million hands to count the number of people that turned their backs on you, that tried to befriend you when they saw you was succeeding. I watched them all come && go, but i stayed Nicki ! I stayed because unlike them your success puts a smile on my face. My best friend climbing the ladder, finally doing something that she enjoys && makes her happy. I love to see you happy Nicki, its want i live for." Safaree stopped as he realized Nicki tears was only worsening.

He took a deep breath to calm himself down before continuing.

"Nicki, i don't want you to feel like you owe my anything for taking this journey with you. I just don't understand how we can live this life together && you not feel the same way i feel about you. Why don't you love me, Nicki?" he asked the last question in a mumble, but clear enough for her to understand.

The grasp Nicki had around herself became stronger. She needed someone to hold her, she wanted Safaree to comfort her.

Safaree pulled out a chair && took a seat at the kitchen table, he sat his bottle water down && finished his apple. He didn't expect Nicki to respond to him, he just needed to sit && think. When he heard Nicki's cries stop, he turned && look at her. She was looking at the floor, as though that was all she was worth. Safaree stood && walked toward Nicki, he took her in his arms. He hugged her tightly, letting her feel safe, trying to console her. It was exactly want she needed, she put her face into Safaree's chest && just stood there.
Nicki didn't know how to react. Every last word he spoke was true. Nicki knew this was the time she needed to release all of her feelings. She owed it to Safaree to let him know how she truly felt.

"Safaree," Nicki said still resting the side of her face on his chest. "I appreciate everything you've done for me. You was there through my up, && my downs. My lowest && my highs. You protect me, && make me feel safe. Last night when i kissed you, i felt the lips of the man im suppose to spend the rest of my life with. When you made me scream your name, i knew it wasn't the last time i'll call out for you. I love you, Safaree. I really do, && i think im ready.."

Safaree pulled Nicki away from him, && pulled her chin up so that they were starring into each others eyes.

"Ready for what, Nicki?" he asked confused.
"Ready for you to love me."

Nicki grabbed Safaree's face && kissed his soft lips with even more passion than the one of last night. Safaree felt the sincerity of Nicki words. He kissed her back as to accept her offer of her heart.

Nicki pulled away, slowly opening her eyes. "Safaree, im going to try my hardest to commit && put my all into this relationship, but i know we will last. One day i will accept your hand at marriage, && soon after have your coons," Nicki smiled at her comment.

Safaree couldn't believe what he was hearing. Just 15 minutes ago Nicki was taking back the night they shared, && now she was talking marriage & kids.

"Woah," was all Safaree manage to get out.

Nicki smiled turned upside down when she heard Safaree's response. "Well, let me not get ahead of myself," she said bowing her head. She felt embarrassed, she was telling him her most secret dreams && all he had to say was, 'Woah.'
Safaree saw the imitate change in Nicki's emotions.
He smirked, && scooped her up wedding style and spinned her around. She grabbed hold to his neck, && let out a laugh that put the biggest grin on Safaree's face.
They stopped spinning, Nicki looked his eyes && pecked his lips. The way she felt in Safaree's arms was a feeling no other human could give her.

"I love you, Safaree."

Safaree pecked her lips, a little longer than she had his, && held on to her tighter as he ran them up the stairs.
The whole way up, Nicki lets out laughs && screams. When he made it to Nicki's room, he kicked the door open, he tossed her on the bed && cuddle up right next to her. He nestled his chin in her neck, && held her tiny waist. Nicki pushed back so that she was pressed firmly against Safaree. They layed on the bed taking in each other's presence. They both sat there in silence with the biggest smiles plastered on both of their faces. Safaree tickled Nicki's waist, making her turn to face him.

"Thank you," Safaree said.
"For what, silly"
"For letting me in. For letting me have your heart. For letting me love you." he smiled, && kissed her forehead.
"The pleasure is all mine," Nicki giggled at her response.

After sitting in silence another 20 minutes, Nicki's head was resting on Safaree's chest, with her eyes closed, dozing off.

"So..." Safaree said starring at her.
"Hmm," Nicki said with her eyes still closed.
"Kids, eh. I want three. Two coons && a princess."
Nicki opened her eyes just to roll them.
"Boy, SIT ! I ain't missing up my body for your big headed ass kids, boy pleazze." they both bust out laughing.
"I love you, Nicki"
I Love you more, Safaree." Nicki said that knowing it was the absolute truth. All the things she put him throw && he never left... Nicki love for Safaree was something that not even he would fully understand.

Nicki fell into a deep sleep in Safaree's arm. Safaree stayed up watching her, he wasn't sleepy considering it was 1 o'clock in the afternoon. As he began to play with her hair, he heard Nicki's phone vibrate. He eased his way from under her, making sure not to wake her. He searched the room for the vibrating object, && stopped at the dresser when he saw her purse move an inch. He digged throw the purse, && pulled out her phone. Going to silence the phone, Safaree glanced at the notification bar that read 9 missed called && 23 unread text messages. He unlocked the phone && saw that the missed calls where from agencies && the texts where from celebrities, managers, family && friends. He turned the phone off the decided to leave a resting Nicki asleep. He knew she was extremly tired from all the crying she was doing && the lack of sleep she got last night, so he figured whatever work she had could wait till later.

He kissed her forehead, before going back down to the kitchen. He noticed the meal that Nicki had prepared, he rewarmed it && sat at the kitchen table.

He danced in his chair as he ate. He was happy. He had won the grande prize. Onika Tanya Maraj was his.

He thought about all of the memories that him && Nicki will soon be making.


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Let Him Love Me.



Nicki woke from her slumber around 10 o'clock the next morning, && she was still drained. Laying on her side, facing her bedroom window, it seemed as though she was starring at the curtains that hid the bright sun that was shining on the opposite side. But in actuality you couldn't pay Nic to tell you what she was looking at. She was trapped in her thoughts, bounded!

"I, i Fucked up." she thought. She quickly realized that she sounded like Candi on the BC ustream, but she couldn't even find it in herself smirk at the memory.

Motionless, Nicki layed their. The actions of last night flooded her mind. She sighed as the vision ended with Safaree leaving her room.

"What's wrong with you," Nicki thought.

"He loves you, && you love him. Why can't it be that simple? Why can't i let him love me?"

Nicki was the type of girl that let her insecurities get the best of her, && they held her back from fully living her life. She was getting better, doing things she never thought she'll do && taking risks in her career. These things paid off, her career was at its peak, but when it came to relationships she never found the nerve to let a man completely love her. When the relationship started getting 'serious,' Nicki instantly put a guard up. Causing the man to give up, knowing that they would never be the person to hold her heart. Though Nicki was the sole reason for her relationships ending, every time one did end her self-esteem lowered.

Nicki was gorgeous. With her coke bottle shape, every man wanted her && every female envied her. The amount of compliments, sex offers, && wedding proposals Nicki received on a day to day basis was outrageous. This still didn't phase Nicki's mental state that told her she wasn't good enough.
In Nicki's career she expressed herself through a different characters, disguising her true self. Sometimes she wished that she had the same mentality she had in the studio or on stage in her everyday life. Roman, one of Nicki's alter egos, was never afraid to reveal himself on a track. Roman, a gay boy living in Nicki's head, said the things Nicki would never. He didn't give two Fucks, he said what needed to be said weather you liked it or not. He also wasn't shy of hiding his feelings, if he was mad you knew it. The qualities that Roman have, was ones that Nicki wish she could obtain && make use of in situations like these. But unfortunately, Roman never entered Nicki's personal life.

Nicki, still laying limped, let her mind travel to memories with Safaree she would never forget. Times when Safaree made her laugh so hard that her entire body hurt. Moments when she only had Safaree to run to. And events like getting signed to Young Money && turning to see Safaree with a Cool-aid smile on his face standing beside her. These images filled her head, she smirked showing one dimple.

She sat up, now starring at another piece of furniture, she tried to put together a mental lists of pros vs cons of Safaree. Only to come up with the conclusion that Safaree had no cons, he was the perfect man for her. Hell, he was THE PERFECT MAN, and he wanted her.

Gaining some strength, Nicki walked into her bathroom that was connected to her room. After peeing, she faced the mirror to wash her hands. Looking into the mirror, she examined herself. Tears began to fill her eyes, not knowing that she had tears left to cry, she let them roll down her face.

"You are going to let him love you," she said almost screaming at herself.

Nicki was tired of the Bullshit her brain was putting her through. She had always loved Safaree, but too scared to let him in. But this was it, she had had enough. He was going to be her King, && she was going to be his Queen.

Washing her hands && leaving the bathroom, she went back into her room. She picked up her shoes, tossed them in the closet. Picked up her purse, sat it on the dresser, making a mental note to check her phone that was there, && headed for the kitchen.

Believing that Safaree was gone from their house && her life, she told herself that she was going to fight to get him back.

Reaching into the refrigerator, pulling out a bottle water that was much needed, she starred into the fridge to see what she could eat, moving around containers and dishes filled with left over meals Safaree fixed, she pulled out the plastic container that held her famous Spagattii. She put the entire bowl in the mircowave, realizing she was straving. She ramble through the drawers findings everything she needed, not aware of the amount of noise she was making. Turning to walk back to the refrigerator to get some ranch for the side salad she prepared, with the refrigerator open, she stopped her search when a familiar scent hit her nostrils. Nicki gently closed her eyes, as she inhaled Gucci Cologne. The scent of a freshly showered Sarfaree filled the room.

She froze.

She was not mentally or physically prepared for the conversation that was about to take place in only minutes...


I wonder whats gon happen next.....